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When I was in high school and after college I faced a challenge. I wanted to make an impact in the world but there wasn’t anyone out there to show me how. While I had been told constantly throughout my childhood and my teens that I could change the world, as I looked around, I didn’t see anyone who could show me how to make the type of impact I wanted to make. So I set out on my own to figure out how and I dedicated my life to making an impact on society where I felt it was most needed. I founded a company, built a team, and we got to work redesigning aspects of the criminal justice system, the foster care system, the healthcare system, the educational system and designing for disability. Over the last six years we’ve learned a ton about what it means to make a real impact in the world and change lives. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you.

The truth is, you can change the world, you just don’t know how yet. And that OK, because we’re going to teach you. The vast majority of the everyday world around us was designed by people. The systems, the services, the products - they were all designed by human beings trying to solve problems. Many of the solutions people have come up with work to improve our lives. But, many others cause more problems than they solve. You didn’t create these problems. None of us did. But, the reality is, this is the world you’re going to inherit. This is the world you’re going to have to navigate. And, this is the world we are going to show you how to change.

Design the Future was created to help you learn the skills needed to make a difference in the world around you. It started off as a way to give young adults hands on experience with this process. It has grown into a movement of young adults around the world taking up causes that are important to them and building the structures needed to effect change.

Are you ready to make a difference? We are!

Program Description

Design the Future Online - From Idea to Impact is a new course that guides you through the process of choosing a problem that matters to you and making a direct impact on someone affected. This self-paced course walks you through the step by step process needed to create this impact. Each week is packed with new information and frameworks for thinking about how to systematically create meaningful change in the world. By the end of this self-paced 5 week program, you will have directly improved the life of 1-3 individuals and have a blueprint for scaling your solution to others.

The learnings and activities for the 5 weeks are as follows:   

  • Week 1: Identify a problem you’d like to address in the world by learning about which ones are within your reach and which ones you're not well suited to address right now.

  • Week 2: Define the problem you’ve selected in a way that is actionable by learning about types of impact you can have in the world and secret to doing something about them.

  • Week 3: Check whether the problem you’ve selected is real or not by learning how to interact with the people whose lives you want to impact and set yourself up to make something happen.

  • Week 4: Make your first impact within 7 days time by designing and executing on your first impact initiative.

  • Week 5: Create the blueprint for scaling your impact to others who would benefit.

This program is chalked full of over 26 different videos teaching you new ways of thinking and 10 worksheets you can use to track your own progress on your way to creating your first impact initiative.


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