9:00 AM Students arrive!
9:00 - 9:15 AM Creativity warm-ups and agenda setting for the day
9:15 - 12:00 PM Design concepts are taught and students work in teams to design solutions to disability-based challenges. Empathy, Definition, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing.
12:00 - 1:30 PM Lunch provided by DC Design & break to explore campus
1:30 - 2:15 PM Guest speakers including professors, professionals from top companies and other innovators
2:15 - 5 PM Continuation of student design work and further teaching of design concepts
5:00 - 5:30 PM "Application to the Self" – Mindfulness and Design Thinking
5:00 - 6:00 PM Debrief and shifting focus to next day
6:00 PM Students head home


& Coaches



Durell Coleman is the namesake founder of DC Design, a social impact design firm dedicated to addressing America's most pressing social challenges. He is a two-time alumnus of Stanford University and is the creator and director of Design the Future.


    Drew is a recent Masters degree recipient in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and co-founder and instructor of EnableTech, a student organization bringing students and community members with disabilities together to create custom solutions for daily challenges. He will be serving as lead facilitator of the first Design The Future UC Berkeley program.


    Lizzie grew up in Moraga, California where she enjoyed studying animals and how things work leading her to bio-mechanical engineering and now pursuing a masters in mechanical engineering at Stanford. She is hopes to use her skills to improve people’s lives.


    Libby is passionate about about addressing violence and the systemic problems that led to it by using human-centered processes. She is Lead Designer at DC Design, where she works with government clients to help them see the needs of the vulnerable communities they serve. She is an alumna of Stanford University and the University of Kansas, and has been educating students since she started teaching piano at age 13.


    Stephanie Guzmán is a graduating senior at Stanford in Product Design with a Chinese minor. She grew up in Washington, D.C., and comes from a binational and bilingual family. Her favorite design projects are those where she can help create positive social change and hopes to continue to do so after graduation.


    Julietta is a design thinker and educator originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She spent the last nine years teaching in independent schools. She is passionate about cultural studies and travel, and helped start a language program and an annual international school trip. She also loves creative writing, singing, and terrible puns.


    Lillian is passionate about user-centered design and believes that design thinking can change the world. She’s a user experience designer and graphic designer who has worked on communication, branding, and e-commerce projects for companies including: Apple, Hallmark, Caterpillar Tractors, Jack in the Box and Walmart.


    Jonathan grew up in San Francisco and is currently studying mechanical engineering at Stanford. Within engineering, his primary focus is in design, manufacturing, and dynamic systems. Apart from engineering, he’s also passionate about education, volunteering at TeachAIDs.

    ANNA NINH (Berkeley Only)

    Arianna is a junior from Lafayette, CA studying cognitive science and interdisciplinary design at UC Berkeley. She works as a graphic designer and enjoys collaborating on creative projects at the intersection of art and technology.

    DOROTEA MACRI (Berkeley Only)

    Dorotea is a rising sophomore at cal and planning for a career in aerospace engineering. She’s always loved building, designing, and making things and believes that science and engineering are the best tools we have for helping people and improving lives. She is originally from Washington, DC.


    A sophomore from Anaheim, CA majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Jessica is interested in STEM outreach involving younger underrepresented minorities in such fields. She has interned in several countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Italy and China where she has had the opportunity to apply her own engineering skills and learn more about the engineering culture in different countries.


    Crystal is a recent grad who studied Cognitive Science and Design Innovation at UC Berkeley. She’s an artist and maker at heart and enjoys woodworking on her free time. Drawing from her interdisciplinary background and creative skills, she’s interested in exploring the interaction between human behaviors and technology through design thinking approach. She hopes to work at the intersection of art, technology, and social sciences.


    Marie Trudelle, an educator at California School for the Blind, works alongside individuals with disabilities to design more accessible experiences and products. When not adventuring through the great outdoors on her bike, she is likely to be facilitating conversations about stigmas surrounding disabilities.

    ALISA KHIEU (Berkeley Only)

    Born and raised in the Bay Area, Alisa studies Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. She develops indie games and composes music. Her other passions are abstract art and performance poetry that primarily advocates for self-care and mental health. She loves building people up and helping people become the best version of themselves.

    SALLY TRAN (Berkeley Only)

    Sally recently received a BA in Cognitive Science and two Design Certificates from UC Berkeley. In the future, Sally hopes to use design thinking for social impact design. In the meantime, Sally enjoys tinkering, lifting, and avocados.


    Max is a Mechanical Engineering senior at UC Berkeley originally from the bay area. He draws off of a technical history of automotive engineering to fuel his interest in designing novel medical devices. Between EnableTech at Berkeley and multiple research labs, he loves any type of hands on work.


    Michael went from missing the nail and hammering his thumb 25% of the time at age 19 to designing components that control ions in the vacuum chambers of Mass Spectrometers at age 23. He is finishing his Master’s Degree at Stanford, and is then building software to make hardware product development easier and lower risk.


    Jillian approaches life optimistically, with the logical thinking of a civil engineer, the roll-up-your-sleeves attitude of a farmer’s daughter, and an altruistic passion for shifting infrastructure projects from Government planning shelves to be shovel-ready. Her company, The Infrastructure Collaborative, has clients in Australia and the US. She has an MBA and MPP from Stanford.


    Erica is a rising junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. Her family originates from Mexico and Egypt and she has a twin sister. Erica was born and raised in California, where she gained interest in learning how things are made. In the summer of 2017, Erica had the opportunity to intern at Facebook and travel to Dubai and Morocco to learn more about the field of engineering, design, and manufacturing. This summer she hopes to share her passion and empower other minorities to pursue STEM.

    ALEXANDRIA BRUSCHI (Berkeley Only)

    Alexandria grew up in the Bay Area and is studying Psychology, Media studies, and Design Innovation at UC Berkeley. Interested in design thinking and creating meaningful products, Alexandria likes to combine her tech background with interdisciplinary studies.


    PAST Coaches



    Founder of DC Design, a social impact design firm that uses the design thinking process to solve the world’s biggest problems. In his journey as a designer, Durell has collaborated with international non-profits, organizations, and government agencies.


    Two days before launching a falafel truck with his best friend Seth, Ariel hastily chose to join Teach for America and left his life in the Bay Area for adventures in the Bayou State.


    A senior from Pacifica, CA majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Bianka is involved in the black community as an RA in the African and African American themed dorm, Ujamaa. She interned for a design and engineering firm that develops mechanical and mechatronic prototypes.


    Lizzie grew up in Moraga, California where she enjoyed studying animals and how things work leading her to bio-mechanical engineering and now pursuing a masters in mechanical engineering at Stanford. She is hopes to be able to use her skills to improve people’s lives.


    Darel is a graduating senior at Stanford. She studies Earth Systems, the interdisciplinary study of environmental sciences, economics, and design. After obtaining her master's in Sustainability, her dream is to create services to improve human-environment interactions.


    Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Tamara is now a rising junior studying psychology and human-computer interaction at Stanford University. A lover of all things interdisciplinary, she hopes to work at the intersection of social science research, design and technology.


    Indya is a Chicago native who got her artistic start writing, shooting, and filming commercials. At Stanford she studies the intersection between technology, art, and culture. Her curriculum gives a unique design education comprised of industrial, product, and graphic design.


    Julie-Ann has worked to address issues of sustainability in her hometown of Lodi, CA, with Arduino, creating devices like a selective weed sprayer and smart aquaponics system. Also passionate about education, Julie is heavily involved with promoting STEM and local teachers.


    Jonathan grew up in San Francisco and is currently studying mechanical engineering at Stanford. Within engineering, his primary focus is in design, manufacturing, and dynamic systems. Apart from engineering, he’s also passionate about education, volunteering at TeachAIDs.


    Sarah-Marie is a design thinker and mechanical engineer and fascinated by defining products that respond to human needs. After receiving her BS in Product Design from Stanford, she worked at a medical device startup to designing and manufacturing the launch of three medical devices.


    Henry is a graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering department at Stanford, originally from Westport, Connecticut. He enjoys swimming, working on robotics projects, and memorizing Gucci Mane songs. In 2017 he worked at Anki, a toy robotics/AI company in San Francisco.